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Quality and Authentic Learning

Quality, Authentic Learning

Lesson Planning for Long-Term Dismissal

  • Teachers will be posting lesson plans and activities on Google Classroom or Class Dojo.
  • Lessons are aligned with benchmark curriculum standards.

Differentiated Instructions

  • Some teachers will provide learning choices to meet the standards.
  • Teachers will work with students during Zoom office hours to provide targeted instruction and tutoring.
  • Mrs. Wick will be able to provide targeted instruction in primary grades to provide small learning groups.
  • Options and choices in learning will be provided.

Daily Zoom Calls

Teachers will be sharing their zoom call schedules on Google Classroom and Class Dojo. Zoom calls will be implemented for the following:

  • Teacher Check-in
  • Teacher Read Aloud
  • Standard Based Question & Exit Ticket
  • Discussion
  • Small Groups
  • Direct Instruction & tutoring time

Zoom Norms for Instruction and Teacher Check-ins:

  1. Thumb Rating (Thumbs up or down for yes or no question)
  2. Mute your mics when you enter a call.
  3. Be an active listener. (Do not touch buttons on the zoom feature, refrain from eating, be fully dressed, be kind.)
  4. Raise your hand and wait for the teacher to call on you.
    Chat feature is to contact teacher only.
  5. Video must be activated to show that you are present.
  6. Dress for school. (hoods should be off, shoulders must be covered, t-shirts must have appropriate messages, etc.) See Family Handbook for guidelines.

Permission Slips were sent to all our families in regard to consent for student participation in video conferencing calls.

Attendance Protocol:

Queen of All Saints School office will be sending a link to an Attendance google form daily. Parents are expected to respond by 10 AM. Our automated calling system will reach out to any parent who has not sent attendance for their students by the required time. Teachers will also take roll during Zoom calls.

Queen of All Saints' Subject Area Minimum Daily Guidelines:

K - 1st Grade

  • ELA 30 minutes
  • Math 30 minutes
  • Religion 20 minutes
  • Science/Social Studies 20 minutes
  • SEL as needed

2nd - 4th Grade

  • ELA 40-60 minutes
  • Math 40-60 minutes
  • Social Studies/Science 60 minutes
  • Religion 30 minutes
  • SEL as needed

5th - 8th Grade

  • ELA 60 minutes
  • Math 60 minutes
  • Social Studies 60 minutes
  • Science 60 minutes
  • Religion & SEL 2-3 times a week

Enrichment Classes:


Ms. Johnston created art supplies to go packs for all our school families. She is communicating to students via Class Dojo, and the groups are broken into three. Group one is Preschool-1st grade, group two is 2nd grade through 5th grade, and the group three is 6th grade through 8th grade. She is also communicating in classroom zoom meetings weekly.


Coach Schonder is assigning workouts for the week. He communicates these workouts on his lesson plans to parents and students through classroom zoom meetings. An example is this 20-minute high-intensity interval training video: HIIT YouTube


Ms. Egan is using the Duolingo during this time of remote learning. The application is available on all chrome books, or parents can download Duolingo to an iPad or a computer. In addition to Duolingo, each Homeroom teacher will post Spanish Lesson plans on their Google classrooms. Ms. Egan will also meet with each grade once a week for zoom meetings.


Mrs. Davis is reading stories on Class Dojo, so students still feel connected to her during this time. She is also encouraging all students to practice these songs.