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Volunteer Requirements

Families are expected to assist in school activities that help to reduce operating costs and/or provide enrichment opportunities for students. A minimum of 25 hours per year is required for each family.

Families may purchase requested items for the classrooms and school events in lieu of volunteering. Please check with the school office prior to purchasing items for the classroom or school. Purchases will be credited as follows and must be accompanied by the original receipt to qualify: Families will receive 1 hour of service for every $30 spent. Please bring receipts to the school office.

All service hours must be completed and recorded by April 30 of the current school year. Any hours completed after that date will count for the following school year. Families who do not complete their hours by April 30 of the current school year will be assessed a fee of $40.00 an hour for each hour not worked. The assessment is payable upon receipt.

Please refer to our Handbook for more important policies and procedures.

All Queen of All Saints volunteers need the following documents on file in the office:

2024-2025 Family Service Hour Form
2024-2025 Family Service Hour Spreadsheet
Livescan Fingerprint Information
Livescan Request Form
Virtus/Safe Environment Training Certificate (valid for 3 years)
Adult Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Questionnaire (valid for 4 years)

Please email any updated forms for students or volunteers to