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Curriculum 7546

Curriculum / Resource

Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum, in grades TK-8th, includes Religion, Math, Science, Writing and Grammar, Literature and Vocabulary, Spelling, Social Studies, Art, Physical Education, Music, Spanish, and Social Emotional Learning.

Grades 4th-8th utilize one-to-one Chromebooks, with iPads, chromebooks and other technology devices in grades TK-3rd that are utilized for Blended Learning.

All of our classes use a Blended Learning teaching model, so there is a balance of whole group instruction and small groups, which incorporate adaptive software, peer collaboration, and teacher-led groups that focus on each student’s skills. The differentiated teacher stations give students a chance to receive lessons geared toward their learning needs, whether that means they get extra help if they are having trouble understanding or are given a challenge because they are ready for the next level.

Our math and reading program, Into Math by Hougton Mifflin, and Wit & Wisdom by Great Minds, follow the same teaching model from grade to grade. This allows continuity in vocabulary, as well as teaching methods, which make it easier for students to acclimate to new classrooms and be able to spend more time learning!