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Fostering Community

Fostering Community

Queen of All Saints School uses the following platforms for communication:

Admissions: As of now, all admissions events (tours, screenings and principal meetings) for future and new families are postponed for a later date when the Shelter-in-Place restrictions have been lifted. Allison Boatman is connecting with our newer families via email and mail regularly. We have clearly communicated how the families within our admissions process can reach us during this time. They also receive our weekly newsletter, the SAINTS Scoop.

The Advisory School Board (ASB) and PACE will be meeting on Zoom to keep their committees on task. Stay tuned to the SAINTS Scoop for more information.

Reaching Out into our local communities: Service & Acts of Kindness

Queen of All Saints is encouraging families to ‘give together’ during this time, as we believe through service to others we are improved. It is a perfect way to build familial bonds as well.

  • Write letters to your local hospital staff & words of appreciation (mail or send in with a nurse or employee).
  • Write positive messages in chalk on your driveway for families to view if they walk around the neighborhood.
  • Help your family with chores around the house
  • Make craft activity bags for the neighborhood kids and leave in on their doorstep.
  • Say a prayer with your family or pray the rosary.
  • Write your local grocery store a Thank You Card! (mail or give it to them the next time a parent shops)
  • Write a thank you letter to your pastor, teacher, or principal.
  • Make a thank you video for health care facilities, firemen, or policemen and post on social media.

More resources for parents & caregivers:

Our School will continue to add to this list of resources for our families. We are here to support you as you work with your students from home. It is our pleasure to be your partner in education.

Social Emotional Learning Support

We strive to support the whole child, and our Social Emotional Learning curriculum is at the heart of what we do. During hard times, we encourage our families to practice using the tools their students are being taught. As we use our new tools, we build new patterns of behavior that will last a lifetime.

  • Go Zen is a great resource for online mindfulness and emotionally supportive materials for children
  • Mindful Schools is offering a free mindfulness class for kids. Just visit their site and sign up to join in.
  • Join Rhyan here to learn more about our in-house SEL presenter, Rhyan Ramirez.
  • Soul Shoppe brings connections for school and student